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Explore Project Q*, an innovative AI model making strides in basic math, marking a new phase in AI research and development.

in AI, Business on November 26, 2023

Before continuing, it should be mentioned that all information regarding Project Q, including its existence, has been gleaned from some recent reports that have been released in the wake of Altman’s dramatic firing. On November 22, Reuters reporters revealed that they had received the information from “two people familiar with the matter,” offering an inside look at what was going on behind closed doors in the weeks preceding the termination. As per the article, Project Q represented a novel approach to mathematics education and performance. Although it was still supposedly limited to tackling elementary school math problems, it appeared to be a promising start toward showcasing the researchers’ hitherto undiscovered intellect.

Seems reasonable enough, doesn’t it? Not quite so quickly, though. According to reports, the discovery of Q* was so frightening that a number of staff researchers wrote a petition to the board expressing concern about the project and asserting that it could “threaten humanity.”
Nevertheless, other explanations for Q* aren’t quite as groundbreaking or groundbreaking enough. Yann LeCun, the chief AI scientist at Meta, tweeted that Q* aims to increase the dependability of large language models (LLMs) by substituting “auto-regressive token prediction with planning.” LeCun claims that this is a problem that OpenAI’s rivals have all been pursuing and that the company specifically hired someone to deal with it.

However, developments in AI mathematics might not initially appear to be a significant step in that direction. After all, computers have been assisting us with math for many years. However, Q* has more powers than just a calculator. Math literacy demands human-like logic and reasoning, and scholars appear to think this is important. When it comes to writing and language, an LLM is free to respond and answer more freely, frequently providing a variety of answers to prompts and inquiries. But in arithmetic, on the other hand, problems frequently have only one right answer. According to a Reuters story, experts in artificial intelligence think that this form of intelligence may potentially be “applied to scientific research.”

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