About Us

Tekworld® deals in some of the newest, and latest technology products coming to market. 

The company executives have traveled to more than 20 countries, attending numerous tradeshows, in his search to bring some of the best technology products found anywhere in the world. Many of these products are so new they won’t be found anywhere else.

Tekworld™ philosophy is inspired by the emerging market of The Internet of Things (IOT), in which people are empowering themselves, with machines able to communicate with other machines and the internet.

Our belief is that we are on the cusp of amazing and exciting new technologies. Here are the areas we see the greatest impact.

  • Robots - New telepresence robots allowing us to conduct business all over the world even though we are in a different location.
  • 3D Printing - 3D printers allowing inventors the opportunity to produce new products and inventions, which previously were not practical to develop.
  • Wearable Technology - Wearable products which gather health and fitness data on smartwatches or jewelry.
  • Smart Home Technology - Smart home technology developments making security much easier and more comprehensive than ever before. In addition, we are able to control all kinds of home appliances, and save energy, from a single device.
  • Drones - With the popularity of consumer drones, users are able to take aerial photographs and video of things that were never before possible.
  • Internet of Things (IOT) - The growing market of the Internet of Things, many ordinary products are now becoming smart products, as they connect with the internet, collect information, and communicate with other machines.
  • Hot Tek Things - New technologies for a variety of other Hot Tek Things, coming soon to the market, offering ways to enhance our everyday lives.

Our mission is to bring our customers great products and add value to their business or life, while striving to be the best resource available to find interesting and useful cutting edge, high tech products.


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