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    The AI Hiring Landscape is Booming

    Despite the tech industry’s inundation with layoffs (hundreds of thousands in 2023 alone), demand for AI talent...
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    Pi’s Inflection-2: Rivaling Google, Meta, and Gaining on GPT-4

    Inflection AI’s latest breakthrough, the Pi chatbot, reportedly surpasses Google and Meta’s AI models, rapidly closing in...
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    Elon Musk on AI’s Future: Not Yet a Job Replacement

    There is little chance that AI will lead to an employment apocalypse. The need for human labor...
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    Certain OpenAI engineers earn up to $800,000 and played a significant role in Sam Altman’s comeback.

    Bloomberg reports that OpenAI employees who threatened to resign this week over the dismissal of CEO Sam...
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    Explore Project Q*, an innovative AI model making strides in basic math, marking a new phase in AI research and development.

    Before continuing, it should be mentioned that all information regarding Project Q, including its existence, has been...
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